Home Staging Packages

 Our packages are designed to provide a solution for sellers at every budget level. High Quality home staging helps you get more views of your listing and more buyers attending open house and showings. Each home has different needs and we've designed a package to help you get your home staged to sell for top dollar fast! 

Silver Package



The Silver Package is for smaller projects that have smaller spaces and rooms that only require the basics. Using the home owners furnishings, this package covers 3 rooms/areas. These spaces may only need rearrangement of furniture and small additions to enhance the style and make the home sparkle for buyers. 

This option is best for homes under 1200 square feet and/or home owners who are residing in the home and they've already done some updates to the home and its furnishings. As well, sellers will have completed a significant amount of decluttering/purging and organizing. They know they need professional staging but don't want to break the budget.

*Vacant Staging will require additional fees

Gold Package (Most Popular!)



The Gold Package is our #1 option for home sellers. The is our most cost effective and popular option since it includes essential areas, including the master bedroom, 1 guest bedroom, kitchen, entry/foyer, living room, 1 bathroom. Using the home owners furnishings, this complete package will create a seamless experience for buyers as they move through the home. 

This option is best for homes of any size. Home owners will need to declutter/purge and organize prior to staging installation. Buyers will feel comfortable and welcomed and they will be able to imagine themselves living in the spaces. The seamless experience will help buyers remember the home and move them closer to purchase. 

*Vacant Staging will require additional fees

Platinum Package



The Platinum Package covers it all! This option is for the seller who wants the total experience since every area of the home is staged. 

This package is ideal for homes of any size where the sellers have lived in their home for a significant amount of time and haven't done many updates to the home or their furnishings.

Decluttering/purging and organizing support are standard and included with the Platinum Package. Using the home owners as well as any necessary rental furnishings and accessories we will create the perfect ambiance for the target demographic buyer.

*Vacant Staging will require additional fees

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Client Praise

From oh well... to Oh WOW!

Denise is truly the "Queen" of staging occupied homes! She has an extraordinary talent. Our family was very pleasantly surprised at the way she transformed our 2000 sq ft occupied home that we lived in for 13 year in just a few days.The process of selling one's home can be overwhelming. Thankfully, for us, we decided to "Let go and let Denise!"

We benefited from the "Platinum Package", and her creativity and magic touch left our home sparkling and ready for the real estate market! 

Thank you Denise!

~ Ken and Nsona S.

Transformation Miracle

Denise Joy Hart is the Hart of the Sell when preparing the home for market exposure and listing the property to get top dollar for the sellers. My occupied home project in the heart of Sherwood Forest in Silver Spring, MD was a labor of love. Denise's "Platinum Package" created a transformation to this home in just a few day's time and was nothing short of a miracle. You a re driven, focused, disciplined and a true artist! Thank you! 

~ Arelis A. Perez, Listing Agent, 

Samson Properties, 202-487-7562

From overwhelmed to Hope!

I did a home staging consultation with Denise to prepare my condo for sale. Before meeting with her I was feeling overwhelmed and I actually thought I’d never sell my place. Denise thoughtfully walked through my home pointing out things I could do immediately and those things that would take more time and a bit more money. I was so relieved after our consultation. I now have a plan to get my occupied home ready for the market and I really appreciated her knowledge of both design and what it takes to sell a home for top dollar. Denise gave me a plan, but most importantly, she gave me hope! I decided to hire Denise to do a redesign followed by the "Gold Package" staging plan. 

 ~ Kirsten T.

Operation Organize your Home

Denise Joy is a master organizer! I hired Denise to help me declutter after moving into my new home and transitioning my business to a new space. In 3 hours Denise did more than I’ve seen most people do in 9. She helped me separate what to keep, what to toss and what to donate. Honestly, I ended up releasing things I should never have moved in the first place. I had a house warming the next weekend and once Denise finished with my space I was even more proud to welcome friends and family to my new home! Hire her, she will deliver on her promise!

~ Princess M.