Sold in Just Six Days!

2000 sq ft Colonial - Just 6 days on the Market

UPDATE: This 5 bedroom colonial located in Silver Spring, went on the market on a Friday, held the open house on a Sunday and by Thursday of the following week it sold! The owners are simply thrilled about it and so am I. 

EARLY PROGRESS: For this owner occupied project I'm working with a realtor. This is a larger home, 2000sq ft+ and I'm staging key rooms, including the living room, kitchen, basement and 3 season porch. 

The home owners were doing a great job of knocking out the items on their punch list provided by their realtor. For example, once I arrived for the initial consultation the closets had been well organized and painting was almost completed. However, the home owner broke her leg days before the staging and I decided to pitch in and help with some of the pre-staging prep work. I had an assistant so that was really helpful!

My main focus on staging day was to maximize lighting, furniture arrangement and editing of personal items. 

On reveal day, the home owner said she now knew exactly how it felt to be on one of the shows on HGTV! #biggestcomplimentever Also, she and her husband loved the final result so much they wanted to increase their list price by $45,000! #2ndbiggestcomplimentever However, the smart real estate agent didn't go for that and is keeping the list price where it is, just as she should! 

Enjoy the Before/After photos below. 


Washington DC First Time Home Seller

Another project I'm currently working on is staging a 1200 foot condo for a first time home seller. 

Before she reached out to me she said she was feeling completely overwhelmed by everything that needed to be done and felt like she would never sell her condo.  Instead of staying in overwhelm she scheduled a consultation with me. After I walked her through everything that we could do with the budget and time she has, she said she felt relieved. In fact, she said the money she's spending on home staging is the best money she's ever spent! 

She had a chat with a realtor and the realtor actually told her she needed to work with a stager so she could maximize her time on the market and get top dollar fast. Below are some of the before pictures. 

The highest ticket redesign she's spending money on is the flooring. Besides herself she had two guy roommates and the carpeting took a lot of wear and tear. The 2nd item that will absorb a good portion of her budget is the guest bathroom. We'll be replacing almost everything in there. Once the kitchen receives a good decluttering and editing for staging it will look dramatically different. We'll finish off the kitchen with a neutral coat of paint and sanding the cabinets and painting them with a fresh coat of white paint and new hardware. W'll use the same coat of paint in the dining room which will also receive new wood laminate tile which will extend into the kitchen. 

The pantry, which is being used as a storage closet will become a lovely large pantry again and all rooms will receive a neutral coat of paint along with new carpet. 

I'll finish things off by painting her front door a bright bold welcoming color and she'll be ready to go on the market with a dose of flair that will appeal first time home buyers! 

**Note: If you live in a condo community be sure to check your bylaws or your Home Owners Association to make sure you're able to paint your front door. 

Be sure to check back to see the gorgeous "after staging" pictures. The transformation is going to blow your mind! 

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