The Cost of Home Staging


Prices vary from state to state and company to company, which can create some confusion when gaging the cost of staging a home. 

Most sellers have no clue as to what to expect for prices and the core elements of home staging. Below is a breakdown that will help you understand why you should stage your home and the price ranges you can expect. The bottom line is staged homes sell faster and for mo’ money. The investment of staging will always be a lot less than the first price reduction. 

Consultation Fees

Home stagers typically charge between $150 - $500 for a 1-3 hour consultation. If your home is vacant that fee is usually waived. Home stagers rely on the consultation to examine the property to gain insight regarding the condition of the property and make recommendations for staging as well as to create a quote for services. The consultation is valuable for the home owner because most professional stagers provide a short follow up report with a timeline to help the homeowner prepare their house to sparkle once it goes on the market. 

Square Footage & Occupancy

 Most professional stagers assess the size of the home and factor this into the cost of staging the home. The larger your home the cost will be adjusted based on the number of rooms staged. Not every room requires staging, however, some home owners do request a full home stating to maximize their efforts to receive top dollar fast. 

If you’ll be living in the home this can affect the cost of staging by keeping the costs lower than if your home were vacant. During the consultation, the stager will assess the furnishings and accessories to determine if they will be of support to be used for the staging redesign and attract the ideal target buyer for the home. 

Since the home needs to be staged to appeal to a specific target demographic buyer and reflect the sales list price, the existing furnishings may need additional pieces or may not be able to be used. The staging expert will determine what should stay and what pieces to add. 

Which Rooms and Spaces to Stage

You don’t need to stage every room in the home to create an environment that evokes the positive feelings and emotional stickiness you want buyers to have for your home. At Hart of the Sell, we offer a 3-tiered staging service that can accommodate every seller. Each staging level we offer outlines the rooms staged included in that package. The goal is for the buyer to imagine themselves living in the home and the right rooms staged in the right way will achieve that goal. If you have a limited budget, you can choose our Silver package and focus on staging important rooms such as the living room, master bedroom and entryway to impact buyers.

Professional Photography

90% of buyers start their home search online, and that means sellers need high quality professional photos that will attract buyers to come to your open house and other showings. Agents tend to favor staged homes with quality photos because they appeal to the buyer’s desire to purchase a “move-in ready” home. Staging helps create a terrific first impression and helps home sparkle and stand out with professional photos.  

Customize your Staging Solution

With our 3-tiered approach to staging services, we can accommodate every seller. This solution allows sellers to customize the outcome of their staging based on their budget. Our Silver package is the introductory staging package. Our Gold and Platinum packages offer more rooms staged and increased support.  CLICK HERE to review our 3 tiered staging packages. 

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