DC 1200 sq ft Condo Redesign


A recently completed project was the redesign of a 1200 foot condo for a first time home seller. 

Before she reached out to me she said she was feeling completely overwhelmed by everything that needed to be done to get her home ready to sell and felt like she would never sell her condo.  Instead of staying in overwhelm she scheduled a consultation with me. After I walked her through everything that we could do with the budget and time she has, she said she felt relieved.

In fact, she said the money she's spending on redesigning is the best money she's ever spent! 

She had a chat with a realtor and the realtor actually told her she needed to work with a stager so she could maximize her time on the market and get top dollar fast. 

Mind blowing Transformational before/after pics below! 


Columbia Heights DC 850 sq ft. Condo


Another DC Condo redesign project, this time located in Columbia Heights. The entire condo was 850 sq feet and no surface was left untouched! 

I had fun using wallpaper and shopped pieces from Room and Board, Shades of Light and a few repurposed antique pieces. Bold color was used as accent walls in the kitchen, bedroom and both the guest and master bathrooms. 

Check out the before, during and after pics below.